Imagine this scenario: You have carried your baby for nine months and now the time has come to meet your sweet little peanut. Your other half, your support, is using their phone to capture moments they never want to forget. The downside of technology in our world, is that sometimes we forget to live in the moment. When you have a camera in hand, sure, you can capture great memories, but you're not always living in those memories, and trust me, when you are delivering a baby, you want to be the sole focus of your husband or partner's attention... of course, that is until your little one is born. That is my story...


Birth Photography Package - $850

As your birth photographer, it is my job to remain as inconspicuous as possible. I do not use flash photography during the birth at all, as I do not want to distract anyone from doing their job and I will capture as much (or as little) as you wish. Rarely does a baby schedule their appearance, because of this, I limit my birth photography clients to 1-2 clients per month.

I will be on call 24 hours for two weeks prior to, and two weeks after your due date (there are a few exceptions to this such as major family holidays, and my child's birthday). You will have me for as many hours as it takes through recovery and on to your hospital room where we will grab some of the first family photos. Some hospitals limit the number of guests in the delivery room, so please know the rules of your delivery center, as I would have to count against your number of guests. 

In the end you will receive a beautifully bound and curated book of images, as well as digital copies of all photos. 

What if you miss the birth? If your birth occurs within the two weeks prior to or after your due date, you can be rest assured that I will make every effort within my power to make it there on time. I ask that you call me when you make the decision to head to the hospital or birthing center, so that I can get a heads up that I may need to start making arrangements, and then another phone call when they make the decision to admit you. In rare cases (much like my own) where the baby comes so fast, that you barely make it there on time, your session would roll over into a First 48 package, and the difference in price can be rolled over into a print credit or a credit towards future sessions with me. (That's the equivalent of a free full portrait session!)

What if my baby comes outside of the due date parameters? Even when your baby comes outside of our agreed upon date parameters, I will still make every effort to make it to the birth on time, however, if there is something I can't reschedule (such as another birth that was scheduled in that time frame) that will have to take precedent and I will get there as soon as I can afterward. 

*If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask, as some situations are taken case by case*